Things To Do In Lake Havasu City

things to do in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu Arizona is an oasis town near the Colorado River. Founded as an Army Air Corps rest camp during World War II, this town has an amazing assortment of water sport activities and engaging nightlife. In this list we will talk about the ten tourists’ attractions in Lake Havasu City.

10. Visitor Center

If you are planning your trip or need to know your way around, stop by the Visitor Center first. Located on London Bridge Road, this helpful spot is a perfect place to plan your weekend trip. You can learn about the city’s history as well as some interesting facts. Enjoy the amenities the center has such as a gift shop for all the little trinkets you may by to commemorate your trip. Other thing the center has includes a calendar of events, a recreation center and a city map. This place is the perfect place to start off your vacation.

9. Havasu Landing Casino

What could be better than playing a game of chance? Playing a game of chance on the lakefront at the Lake Havasu Casino would be a definite upgrade. This resort and casino is right on the water and features a marina, a campground and vacation rentals for the whole family. The casino features live blackjack and three-card poker along with live shows every Friday and Saturday. The landing also has a calendar of monthly events that you can attend. Plan your trip today and visit during their National Peanut Butter Fudge Day. For an affordable weekend gets away with plenty of chance and water, this is a great spot.

8. Guided Tours

What better way to explore the city than with the state of the art marvels that is the Segway; perhaps would you like to tour the city via the lake instead? There are many ways to experience the fun of a guided tour in Havasu. Some of the more exciting ways to see the city is with a year-round operated flight tour. There are tours available via helicopter, hot air balloon and hang gliding. There are indoor tours available as well such as Desert Diamond Distillery Factory Tour. There are honestly whole separate lists full of worthy tour destinations that are all worth seeing. See this beautiful city by land air and sea with a guided tour

7. Aquatic Center

A day at the beach seems like an ideal way to spend your day at Lake Havasu, but sometimes you want more options with your entertainment. The Aquatic center located at the C.V. Wood Community Center, this is a large indoor water park. The community park hosts a lot of great events as well as swimming lessons. Some of the events featured on the company’s website feature a dog swim, where the center is open to family friendly dogs to swim in the pools. Other scheduled events include aquatic exercises and lap pool hours. They of course do have daily open swim for all who want to partake in indoor water fun.

6. The State Park

One of the main attractions to spend a nice weekend is the State Park. This lakeside location offers beach front access and three different boating ramps, 47 camping areas and a specialized events area. Park access is $15.00 dollars per vehicle during the week. On holidays, Saturdays and Sundays the price for entrance is $10 and $3 for individual vehicles and bicycles. Camping fees range from $20-$35. There is a garden called the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden that showcases the entire desert flora and fauna as well as the wildlife. With all the places to go in Lake Havasu, this has the widest variety.

5. London Bridge Beach

Located near the iconic London Bridge, this beach is a public access destination that is sure to be a worthwhile trip. Just at a glance one can expect to find such amenities as a buoyed in swimming area, two playgrounds a dog park, basketball courts and picnic areas that can be reserved for $20-$30. This is a fantastic low-key destination where you can come and relax in between stops on your vacation, or if you are on your way to the famous Bridge. You are free to come by land or by sea to this public place.

4. Kayaking and Canoeing

There is just something about exploring the open water on your own that makes all the difference in enjoyment. Canoeing and Kayaking are great ways friends and family can enjoy the lake, but there is also jet skiing and boating to consider for more avid enthusiasts There are a myriad of places to rent your water sports equipment, but a place that goes a step beyond is Wet Monkey power sport rentals. In addition to kayaks, Wet Monkey also supplies boats of various shapes and sizes at affordable prices so you can take the whole family.

3. Sara Park

Now this may say Sara Park, but it is not named after anyone named Sara. Instead this is the Special Activities and Recreation Area or SARA. This 1,100-acre park is for the more active outdoorsman/woman who is looking for an exciting daytime activity. This park includes many physical activities such as hiking trails, BMX and motocross tracks, shooting and archery range and RC plane field and inline skating. During the winter season SARA holds a special Winter Blast fireworks display that lights up the night sky. This is a free admission destination that is open from dusk ‘til dawn, so all you need to bring is plenty of energy and your favorite gear.

2. Lake Havasu

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do in Lake Havasu is actual go to the lake. You can visit the state park; enjoy the casino right on the waterfront. One can even enjoy the water on his/her terms. Whether it is on a boat, an inner tube or a kayak, it is always great. This oasis in the desert state of Arizona is the one stop tourist destination filled with hard to beat vacation spots for cool, active people looking for the best kind of vacation. Whether it is with friends, family, or even a romantic weekend with a loved one, there is always something to do.

1. London Bridge

London Bridge is not falling down any time soon. With one of the must see spots when visiting Lake Havasu, this bridge is a state landmark and full of interesting history. This bridge, built in 1831 in England, the bridge spanned over the River Thames. In 1971 the bridge was transported to Arizona to connect the channel where it stands today as a major tourist attraction. Now people flock from across the country to walk across this famous bridge and admire the stonework that began over 150 years ago.

Lake Havasu is a diamond in the rough of Arizona. With the access to water, it truly is a desert paradise full of active entertainment and family fun. That being said, the climate in Arizona is arid and dry, so it is important to stay hydrated and protect you with plenty of sunscreen. If you are looking to stay for a weekend or longer, make sure your lodging is as close to the water as possible for the added view and cooling.