Things To Do In Baltimore

things to do in baltimore

Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city, and has a beautiful coastal location that makes it a top destination for many travelers. It is teeming with history and the city played a major role in the creation of the United States. It began as a major port for trade with England, and its location served as a first defense during the Revolutionary War. It was also a main passage for Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad’s efforts to free slaves around the time of the Civil War. Its history doesn’t stop there, but the best way to learn about it all is to visit the tourist attractions in Baltimore, Maryland and enjoy this historically important city.

10. Johns Hopkins University

The founder, Johns Hopkins, formed two corporations in 1867, a university and a hospital. The university became the first American research university when it opened in 1876, and it has continued to uphold its outstanding reputation. The university offers public tours during the week and on Saturdays while school is in session; however, we recommend that unless you are planning to attend the school as a student that you skip the guided tour, and explore the school on your own. While you walk around, absorb the sights and sounds around you and enjoy the campus’s culture.

9. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum is located on the original site of the first American railroad station. The establishment has a working replica train that was built on site. This is a great place for the whole family. Kids love to come to this interactive train museum and learn about trains. There are places where they can pretend to conduct the trains and watch the model trains. Check their schedule to see when they offer train rides. As well as being a fun place for kids there is a plethora of information for adults that love to learn about trains.

8. American Visionary Art Museum

This art museum is unlike any other you have ever visited. The artists are all self-taught. The collection is unique and eclectic. Everyone will love this very non-traditional art museum; it is one of the best places to visit in Baltimore. There is a garden and outdoor sculpture park for all visitors to enjoy; as well as a mobile that is three stories tall, and a “Giant Whirligig” created by a 76 year old farmer that is a wind powered sculpture. With so much to see and explore everyone will enjoy this art gallery. The gallery is closed on Mondays.

7. Historic Ships of Baltimore

The Historic Ships of Baltimore cover 3 piers; it contains three ships, one submarine, and one lighthouse. The largest ship is the USS Constellation; and if you are only going to visit one of these ships, make it this one. Check the day’s plan for this ship so you can witness them firing the Parrott rifle, and any other exciting events taking place. They also have the USS Submarine Torsk, Lightship 116 Chesapeake, USCGC Taney, and Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, one of the oldest Chesapeake lighthouses still in existence. Wear your walking shoes for this tour; in order to visit all the ship’s decks you will have to go up and down several flights of stairs and walk through small hallways.

6. Fell’s Point

Fell’s Point was originally a piece of land owned by William Fell; the area became a city known as Fell’s Point in 1763. Today Fell’s Point is a national historic district. The historic buildings line a cobblestoned street. The shops contain coffeehouses, antique and craft stores, and unique boutiques. Enjoy strolling along this waterfront street with the whole family. There are several great local restaurants to refuel at, and then top the evening off with some smooth gelato. Visiting this historical district is a great way to experience the culture here and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

5. Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor is one of the United States oldest harbors, and a great place to go when visiting. The history behind the harbor is extensive, but that’s not why people flock to this harbor anymore. Today it is a place for shopping, eating, relaxing, and people watching. There are several boat companies docked at the harbor that offers trips around the harbor and beyond. There are several museums and art galleries at the harbor as well; including the children’s museum and the National Aquarium. The Baltimore World Trade Center has an observation deck on its 27th floor that gives you picturesque harbor views and city views.

4. National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is located in Inner Harbor, and is excellent for everyone. This aquarium is considered among the best around the world. It has an extremely large range of exhibits, and is sure to cover everyone’s favorite sea creature. You can touch jellyfish and other sea creatures in their touch tank. They have 20,000 animals including; dolphins, sharks, sloths, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and many more! Their exhibits house animals from all over the world! The visit is sure to excite people of all ages as they learn about animals from across the globe and conservation efforts to protect them.

3. The Walters Art Museum

This gallery is unique because it was started by just two individuals, a father and son duo. They began collecting artwork around the 1800’s from across the world and across several different centuries, and their exhibition hall now contains 35,000 pieces of artwork. This is a great place to spend an afternoon, and appreciate some magnificent artwork. The museum offers guided tours or self-guided audio tours of their permanent exhibits. Admission to the museum is free; as well as the tours. The Walters Art Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you are able to make the time; this is a must see while visiting the area.

2. Fort McHenry National Monument

Fort McHenry first defended the Unites States of America during the War of 1812 with the British. The Fort got its fame during an attack in 1814. This was the famous attack that led to Francis Scott Key writing the poem that would later become the National Anthem. A self-guided tour of this National Monument typically takes about 2 hours. Entrance to the park area is free; however, there is an admission fee for entrance to the historical buildings. This is a wonderful place to learn more about American history for the whole family.

1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Baseball is an American classic, and everyone knows the classic song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame…” Just as the sport is a classic this stadium is a classic as well. Built in 1992 other cities around the nation began to shape their baseball stadiums off of this one. Although it was new it was designed to keep the classic feel and style of a baseball stadium. It was built just two blocks away from the birthplace of the legendary “Babe” Ruth. Public tours are available and typically take about an hour and a half. Check the website to find out when tours are available.

This city is full of history and culture. The best time to visit Baltimore with family and friends is between June and August when the weather is warm. No matter when you decide to visit there are always things to do in Baltimore, Maryland whether it for a casual holiday or romantic weekend. Known as “charm city” Baltimore has earned its nickname, and is sure to charm everyone with its history and unique culture.