Things To Do In Branson

things to do in branson

This city is well-known for their live performance arts scene. In 1991 there were 22 theaters here today Branson has close to 50 theaters. With so many different theaters there are live performances every night, and something in every genre every month. A night at the theater is a great way to go on a romantic date. There are many fun things to do in Branson, Missouri.

10. Branson Landing

This large shopping center is located on a beautiful lakefront property. Visitors can shop in style while they enjoy views of Lake Taneycomo. The Landing has over 100 stores and restaurants to fill any shopaholics dream day. The Landing is a wonderful place to spend the day with friends and family. The main feature of this shopping area that sets it apart from all other shopping centers is its fountain. The fountain is a fire, water, light, and musical show. Water shoots 120 feet into the air, fire cannons blast, and it is all choreographed to light and music. This is a spectacular sight to see!

9. Pierce Arrow Theater

Pierce Arrow has been operating for 17 years. Their shows feature country and gospel music as well as comedy. They are well known for being among the most family friendly shows around the city. The Pierce Arrow quartet has been entertaining visitors for years. They also have an amazing female vocalist. She does renditions of Whitney Houston and Carrie Underwood. The comedy is kept appropriate for all ages. The bounce between music and comedy keeps things exciting for the viewers. For the majority of the year they do two shows every day except on Sundays.

8. Stone Hill Winery

The Stone Hill Winery began production in 1847 and quickly became the second largest winery across the United States. During prohibition in the 1920’s they began growing mushrooms instead, and quickly fell into disrepair. After prohibition they were sold to a couple that restored them to their former glory. They are the oldest and have won the most awards out of any other winery in Missouri. The winery has three locations in Missouri. The Branson location gives free tours to visitors every day throughout the week. They also have six different tasting rooms and each tour is concluded with a free tasting.

7. Titanic Museum

Everyone has seen the movie, now it’s time to visit the museum. This museum focuses on the passenger’s lives, and the ship’s story, from its creation to its demise. Visitors receive a boarding ticket of an actual passenger, and can learn their fate at the end of the self-guided tour. The museum has an exact replica of the grand staircase and artifacts from the ship and passengers. Visitors can stand on a platform to feel the deck’s slope as the Titanic sank, sit in a replica lifeboat, and touch 28 degree water. This is truly an interactive experience.

6. Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is a large family friendly theme park. It opened in 1960. Silver Dollar City has an 1880’s theme. Step back in time and wander the streets of an old time town. This amusement park has 31 rides for people of all ages to enjoy. They have several different themed festivals throughout the year. The most popular is Old Time Christmas. During the months of November and December they put up over five million Christmas lights, 1,000 Christmas trees, and a special effects tree over five stories tall. Silver Dollar is closed during January and February.

5. God and Country Theatre

This popular theater has two separate stages. Their larger stage puts on compelling performances, and their small studio style stage puts on intimate and heartfelt performances. Like most other places to visit in Branson, the theatre shows are always family friendly. They have performances daily, except Sunday when they hold Cowboy Church service at 10:30 a.m. They have many talented performers to sing your favorite country and old time tunes. There is a concession stand and gift shop open during shows. Parking is free. They do allow cameras and video recorders, so you can take your memories home with you.

4. The Dutton Family Theater

The Dutton Family Theater is completely run and family operated by the Dutton Family. They put on heart stopping shows daily, and perform over 300 shows every year. They also own and operate the hotel, gift shop, and restaurant next to their theater. They operate out of Branson from April to mid-December and then perform at their theater in Arizona from mid-December to April. They have traveled around the world performing, and were finalists on hit TV series, America’s Got Talent. This is a show you won’t want to miss. The high energy and crowd connection achieved by them is unparalleled.

3. Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is arguably the most beautiful place to visit in Branson, Missouri. With miles of shoreline the gorgeous crystal clear blue lake is the best vacation spot around. Visitors can swim, boat, paddle board, scuba dive, and so much more on the lake. There are areas for camping or you can rent one of the picturesque vacation properties nearby. Most rental properties around the lake are family owned and operated so visitors are always welcomed with unbeatable small town hospitality. Kids love to spend the day splashing in the cool lake water. So whether you decide to stay for a week or just a weekend your experience here will be unforgettable.

2. College of the Ozarks

This college is a Christian college that believes its students should be debt free upon graduation. They do not charge tuition, and students work on campus to help remedy the lack of tuition. This mission makes this four year college very different from others across the United States. There are many things for visitors to do while visiting. All visitor activities on campus are free except for one, which only charges a small entrance fee. The campus has two museums, a gristmill, a fruitcake and jelly kitchen, and a stained glass studio.

1. Sights & Sounds Theatres

Sights and Sounds is the nation’s largest Christian based theater company. They are based in Philadelphia, and in 2008 they opened a large theater in Branson. Their auditorium seats 2,000 people. The stage is 300 feet long, so there is not a bad seat in the whole house. They produce family friendly Christian Broadway style productions. Sights & Sounds occasionally use live animals during their plays. Their sets are always very extravagant and jaw dropping. Sometimes their sets reach over 40 feet into the air! Over 1 million people see a performance here every year.

Located in the Ozark Mountain region makes Branson an ideal location any time of year. It rarely gets cold enough to freeze or snow during the winter and the indoor theaters provide visitors with something to do year round. Spring and fall are mild and as the vegetation changes both times of year are very colorful. The summer heat is not too extreme with the highs being in the upper 80’s perfect for summer time activities. Come out and experience all the wonderful tourist attractions in Branson, Missouri.