Things To Do In Destin

things to do in destin

Destin, Florida is a hidden gem equipped with many fun activities to do. This small beach town is 47 miles east of Pensacola and 48 miles west of the party capital Panama City. Destin is a low-key spot, tucked away from the hectic party scenes of both major cities, offering tourists a chance experience something a bit more laid back.

10. Staring at the Water

I know this may sound like an insignificant activity to do, but if you were to see the beautiful, crystal clear, emerald-green, turquoise colored, picture-perfect water sloshing gently against the white sandy beach, then you would know why this activity is a must-do. Just staring at the ocean is hypnotizing in its own right, and will refresh your mind when staring towards the horizon. It is definitely a sight to see. The most important thing about this activity is that it is free. The waterfront is great for relaxing in this city.

9. Sea Blaster Dolphin Tours

The Sea Blaster Dolphin Tours offers an array of activities to take part in, but the main one is witnessing dolphins performing in their natural habitat. Dolphins are very sociable creatures so you will see them in action as they race to keep up with the boat, breaching the water, and playing around in general. This 73 foot boat can fit up to 132 passengers making it the largest speed boat in the Gulf of Mexico. No matter which package you decide to buy, you will enjoy free water, beer, and wine on board. Call in to reserve your premium package today for the 3 hour cruise of dolphin watching and snorkeling. You will receive a free ticket for the Sea Blaster Dolphin Tours if you reserve your hotel stay at the Southern Vacation Rentals in Destin.

8. Air Force Armament Museum

The Air Force Armament Museum has many replicas of aircrafts, weapons, and other vehicles used by the Air Force during World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. There is over 1600 artifacts collected from these wars. Some of the historical weaponry you will see are missiles, bombs, guns, and more. You will also learn about the general history about aviation, weapons, and war. This place is great for families who want to learn about early the fighting stages of history in the United States. This place is open 6 days a week from 9:30am to 4:00pm on Monday through Saturdays.

7. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

The Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone is a dinosaur theme park that is very close to Destin, in the town of Fort Walton on Okaloosa Island. You will see replicas of dinosaurs and their bones giving you an interesting view into prehistoric life. There are many adventurous activities for the children to take part in from miniature golf, 4D theatre, laser maze, to bungee jumping on the trampoline, RC boat racing, interactive arcade, and great dining options. This adventure zone has many restaurants that offer pizza, ice cream shops, and more. This is a really cool way of providing an opportunity for the kids to have fun while learning.

6. The Track Family Recreation Center

This center is a theme park that is perfect for kids. Once you visit the Air Force Armament Museum and Wild Willy’s Adventure then the next best place is The Track. This place has go-karts, bumper cars, bumper boats, miniature golf, bungee jumping, sky diving, a kiddie train, and an arcade. You can also find driver license required tracks and non-driver license required tracks. You can log online anytime to buy your Skip The Line tickets so you don’t have to wait to get on rides. This theme park gives discounts for groups and party packages. This is one of the top things to do in Destin.

5. Fishing

Destin is known as the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World”. Fishermen travel for miles to take part of the deep-sea fishing sport that is dominating this region. Some of the fish they’re catching are snapper, grouper, triggerfish, Barracuda, shark, tuna, Mahi Mahi, amberjack, king fish, Marlin, swordfish, sailfish, mackerel, tarpon, and bonito. While fishing in the Choctawhatchee Bay you can catch trout, flounder, blue fish, ladyfish, papaya, snapper, pompano, sheepshead, and redfish. The type of fishing that is available is dock-fishing, bay fishing, fly-fishing, and deep-sea fishing. The well-known charter boats are the Deep Sea Party Boat, The Vengeance, and the Action Fishing Charter Service.

4. Watersports

Some of the watersports available are parasailing, paragliding, surfing, jet skiing, and tubing. A few companies that specialize in these activities are Dockside Watersports, SEA Chase, Wet N Wild, Excel, Sunshine, Boogies, Aloha Pontoon, and Just Chute Me Parasail. Surfing at the Henderson State Beach is a must-do, and you could pick up items for your adventure at the local mall. Tubing on the back of a boat across the water is pretty cool. Snorkeling is a way to explore the ocean bottom and see the spectacular marine life; fish, turtles, manatees, etc. You can also kayak and sail here.

3. Crab Island

Crab Island is the premiere destination in this city. Crab Island is not really an island per se; it is a pool party on the ocean. This body water is where people bring their boats to just relax near each other in a cluster. It’s like a social club on the water. Some activities to do are waterboarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking. There are floating restaurants and ice cream shops on boats that will sail past and bring you food. You can log in today and watch live webcam feed from this place. Thousands of people visit here daily. It is absolutely free to enter with your boat and entertaining events are held here. You can get out of your boat and walk in the water because it’s not that deep. This place is one of the top tourist attractions in Destin.

2. Big Kahuna’s Theme Park

Big Kahuna’s is a waterpark that has many pools, tubing rides, and water coasters. This premiere waterpark has waves that are higher and better than the beach’s. After visiting the beach, you can always come here for a high-speed fun water ride. This waterpark has over 40 attractions including adventure bungee jumping, miniature golf, and more. There are lockers available to put your stuff in for safekeeping. They offer discounts for groups and rented cabanas, especially for the summer because they are open during certain seasons. Reserve your tickets online. This place is perfect for the family. This is one of the top places to visit in Destin.

1. Henderson State Park

This state park has the whitest of the white sand on the beach in the world. It is known as “white sugar sand”. This state park has a campground and RV parking area. There are helicopter tours hovering over every 20 minutes for tourists to see the beautiful landscape. You can set up a tent, put some food on the grill, and relax with friends and family. This non-touristy beach is clean and not crowded with showers, isolated quiet areas, and a boardwalk. Some activities to do are fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, sunbathing, and building sand castles. There is a playground and picnic pavilion in it. Another thing is that this beach is pet-friendly. The cost is only $6 to park your vehicle. Another beach that is beautiful to check out for having a romantic weekend is Crystal Sands Beach.

Travel Tip: You’re going to need to bring a high quality HD SLR camera with lots of space on your SD cards because you will take lots of pictures and videos. These pictures will most likely be of you fishing, hiking, sitting on a beach, having fun with the family, and socializing at Crab Island. Designer swimwear is a must. This town is absolutely beautiful and you need to capture it on film to put into the photo album of your family’s life.