Things To Do In Half Moon Bay

things to do in half moon bay

If you find yourself planning a trip to Half Moon Bay in Northern California, you will definitely have a number of fun options. Regardless of who is travelling with you, there will be something for everyone in the region. There are many different tourist attractions in Half Moon Bay, many of which are outdoors and at the beach. If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a great place for you to go on vacation. Check out all of the neat things you can do in the region and be prepared for a great trip.

10. Sea Horse Ranch

Take a guided beach or trail horse ride with Sea Horse Ranch. If you have children in your party, be aware that they must be seven years old to ride. There are a number of rules for taking a tour with this company, so check out the website before planning your trip. These guidelines also tell you how to dress for the occasion. Prices range from $60 to $90 per person. This is one of the most unique things to do in this area. If you are interested in taking a horseback tour, you should make a reservation on the company’s website today.

9. Trojak Knier Winery

This winery sources its grapes from a couple different locations in California. With these grapes, the winery makes six different wines that you can taste at its location. Trojak Knier Winery’s tasting room is typically open from noon to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, with other tasting times available by appointment. This would be a great place to stop by on a weekend trip to the region. There are also events held at the winery, so if you are interested in visiting during one of those times, you should check the company’s website frequently for details.

8. Half Moon Bay Art Glass

If you or someone in your group are into creating art, you should stop by this gem while you are in the area. Half Moon Bay Art Glass offers classes about how to create beautiful glass artwork. Most classes are offered on the weekends and they take about two hours. You should call and schedule an appointment if you are interested in taking a class and creating your own piece of art, because only six people are allowed per class. Participants must be at least 12 years old, so keep that in mind when you book your reservation.

7. Maverick’s PaddleSports

Maverick’s PaddleSports is the best place for those adventurous people on your vacation. At Maverick’s you can rent paddle boards to take out on the ocean. Most boards are set for beginning paddlers, but more experienced individuals can rent high performance boards and boards that will carry children or dogs, too. Rental prices vary depending on duration of use and board type, so visit the company’s website for pricing details. The company also offers lessons for those who don’t have proper experience. There is also a shop, so you can purchase merchandise with no hassle.

6. Alvaro’s Adventures Birding and Nature Tours

While getting a spot on one of Alvaro’s tours can be a challenge, if you are lucky enough to get the chance, you should go. Since Alvaro travels a lot to birdwatch, you will need to check the website or call to see if you will be in the area while he is there. If you can get on one of his tours, you should expect to board a boat and travel around many different areas in the region. You can see a number of creatures whose habitats are in the bay area. The website also covers pricing, so check that out before you try to book a spot on a tour.

5. Lemos Farm

For a great family vacation destination, spend a day at Lemos Farm with your kids for a unique, fun experience. The farm is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. At the farm, you and your children can take hay and train rides, visit animals in the petting zoo and play laser tag. Kids can go on pony rides and play in the bouncy houses. For really young children, there is a play corral area with all kinds of things to play with. One really unique experience is the Dig Zone; here, children can operate a back hoe in a safe way. Prices vary greatly depending on what you want to do at the farm. Check the website for more details.

4. La Nebbia Winery

As the oldest winery in Half Moon Bay, La Nebbia Winery has been around since 1979. You can visit this California winery and wander the gardens and have picnics on the grounds. Other experiences include wine tastings, tours and bocce ball. The winery also has barrel to bottle events where people stop by with empty bottles to have them filled. The tasting fee is $10 per person, and the hours run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The winery has ten different wines to choose from. You can also enjoy food pairings with your wine if you stop by this winery.

3. Half Moon Bay Kayak Company Day Tours

At Half Moon Bay Kayak Company, you can rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and bikes to explore the area. Rental prices can be found on the company’s website. There are a number of guided trips you can take, which can show you unique parts of the bay. These cool tours start around $170 and can be up to around $400, so keep that in mind when you plan your trip. You may also want to make a reservation by phone. Be aware that weather may be an issue, so there may be a chance that the trip gets canceled. If you would prefer a lesson, the company also offers private classes.

2. Pillar Point Harbor

Pillar Point Harbor is a protected area along San Mateo County’s coast. Pillar Point Harbor is a popular boating and fishing area along the Pacific Ocean. You can rent a kayak and enjoy a day on the ocean at this popular boating area. There is also a small beach area that allow the beach bums of your group to enjoy the sun and sand. This would be a great place to go with your adventurous friends, as there are trails and access to a surfing beach. Plus, if you need a little break or some food, there is a place where you can browse shops and eat at restaurants. Spending a day on the beach can be a great free experience while you are in the area.

1. Half Moon Bay State Beach

This four mile stretch of beach is known for fishing and picnicking. If you want to enjoy a beautiful beach experience, you can utilize this beach from 8 p.m. to sunset. This is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the ocean on a romantic weekend getaway. Be aware that fires are no permitted on the beach, however. You can also camp on this beach if you make a reservation. To make a reservation, visit the California Parks and Recreation website. On Saturday and Sunday, you can also visit the Half Moon Bay State Beach Visitor’s Center.

With all of the unique places to visit in Half Moon Bay, the hardest part of planning a vacation to this destination will be choosing what you want to do. This area has a lot of child-friendly options, and many options that are adult only. It is really the ideal location to go to make everyone in your party happy. This beautiful area on the coast draws in a lot of tourists each year, so start planning early your trip here early, so you don’t miss out on all the best experiences the region has to offer.