Things To Do In Kansas City

things to do in kansas city

Kansas City is well known for three things; BBQ, jazz, and fountains. The town has over 200 fountains! So come and fill up on some delicious BBQ and enjoy the sights and sounds this amazing place has to offer! There are several fascinating and fun things to do in Kansas City, Missouri with friends.

10. Starlight Theater

The Starlight Theater has hosted spectacular Broadway performances and live concerts. It is an open-air theater; however, unless the weather is considered dangerous or extreme the show will go on! Sit under the stars and enjoy a wonderful performance that you won’t forget! The theater has an excellent sound system and seats about 8,000 people. There is not a bad seat in the house, unless it’s raining, and then they are all wet! Check the website for current productions and live shows. This is a great place to come for a romantic night out.

9. Boulevard Brewing Company

The Boulevard Brewing Company is the largest specialty Midwest brewer! Come and tour this great facility and learn about the process of brewing beer. Each tour ends with a free tasting. The basic 40-minute tour is free; however, it is on a first come first serve basis and does fill up quickly, so come early to this cool place! They also provide 2 different tours that are not free, but you get to see a lot more of the brewing process. Either way you get to learn about the history of this great company and enjoy free beer!

8. KC Fountains

Kansas City is known as “the city of fountains,” and it is thought that there is only one place with more and that is in Italy. Walk amongst them and enjoy the sights and sounds of the intricate and gorgeous fountains around town. All the different water features offer amazing photo opportunities for the family. How many fountains can you find as you explore the area? There are several tour groups that will take you around town to see some of the fountains and explain their history. The first fountain was built in 1904 and was created to be a drinking fountain for dogs and horses. This fountain now sits in Wyandotte County Museum.

7. Union Station

Union Station originally opened as a train station in 1914. The station is a magnificent piece of architecture. Its ceilings are 95 feet high and it contains 3 huge chandeliers and a 6-foot wide clock. Although trains still depart from here daily; it has become so much more than a train station. These tourist attractions in Kansas City, Missouri has so much to offer your entire family. Along with touring this historical landmark; you can also visit the Science City for kids and the Model Rail Experience. Science City is a fantastic place for kids to get some hands on science experience, and the Model Rail Experience is great for anyone who loves trains.

6. Loose Park

This relaxing park is locally centered in town, and is a wonderful place for walkers and joggers. The walking path is in really good condition. There is a magnificent pond and tennis courts. Pack a picnic and spend the day relaxing within the park with your family. The rose garden is beautiful and wonderful place to take a date on a relaxing stroll. As with any public place in “the city of fountains” there are several fountains to enjoy as well. Bring your camera to take advantage of all the beautiful photo opportunities.

5. Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is 15 blocks of dining, shopping, and fountains. This shopping district is known around the country because of its size and variety of shopping. There is something for everyone here. With over 150 different shops it could take a couple of days to see the whole Country Club Plaza. Grab some ice cream and sit by a beautiful fountain as you take a break before heading to the next shop. There are also over a dozen different places to eat and refuel. Special events are held year round at the plaza, so check the calendar for special activities while you are visiting.

4. The Arabia Steamboat Museum

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is the largest single collection of pre-civil war artifacts around the world. The sunken Arabia Steamboat sunk in 1856, fully loaded with 200 tons of cargo, and was found again in 1988. The artifacts are extremely well persevered because the boat was buried 45 feet beneath a cornfield, so all the artifacts were protected from light and oxygen. They are still working on 60 tons of artifacts preservation, and you can watch them at work inside the preservation lab. This museum has so many interesting facts and artifacts from the 1800’s and is well worth a visit.

3. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts has a very distinctive design that makes it an easily recognized building around the area. The inside is just as gorgeous as the building’s outside. They have two performance halls; one for opera and one for the symphony and ballet, both halls have spectacular acoustics because of the building’s design. If you cannot make it to a show they do offer public tours for just $5 per person. Reservations are required to ensure that the tour does not interrupt a rehearsal or show.

2. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The beautifully designed Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art should not be missed on your trip here. The exhibition hall is well laid out and the art descriptions are informative and entertaining. The museum also has a very nice garden and sculpture park outside; it is a very relaxing place to walk around and enjoy the artwork. They receive over half a million visitors every year. They offer free tours and free audio tours along with free admission. That really is a great deal today! The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

1. National World War 1 Museum and Memorial

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial is the only American museum to exclusively exhibit World War 1 memorabilia. They have the largest collection of World War 1 artifacts across the globe. While here stop by the Liberty Memorial Tower; admission to the tower is included in your admission ticket, the tower takes you 217 feet above and gives you a 360 degree view. After an elevator ride you must climb 45 additional stair steps up to the open-air observation deck. If you are able to make the trip up this is highly recommended. They are open 7 days a week during the summer months, between Labor Day and Memorial Day; they are closed on Mondays during the off-season.

Kansas City, Missouri has so much to offer its visitors! The metropolis is full of history and culture just waiting for you to discover it. There are great family friendly places to visit in Kansas City, Missouri; it is a best outing place for the weekend. This metropolitan area is easy to get to and one of the most affordable vacation spots in the United States. It is the most centrally located major US city; just a 3 hour flight from either coast, or within a one day drive for a majority of Americans.