Things To Do In Lake Arrowhead

things to do in Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead California, or as it is also known as, the Southern Alps of California, is a destination surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains National Park located in Southern California. This tourist town of just over 10,000 is a small, but fulfilling destination with many outdoor and indoor activities perfect for a weekend vacation with the family. This list will include the top activities and tourist attractions in Lake Arrowhead.

10. Bowling

A classic and cheap way to spend your night are with some good old-fashioned bowling. There are several locations to bowl in the area, but the place with the most things to do and with the most appeal is Rim Bowling and Entertainment Center. For just around $5 a game, you and your family can enjoy bowling from dawn until dust. Rim and Bowling Entertainment is open seven days a week and offers many deals such as glow bowling for a rate of $15 for three hours. If you need a fun and affordable way to spend an evening with the family, this is the place do to it.

9. Blue Jay Cinema

During a vacation, there is a chance your party once to set aside a day for a movie. Whether it is a premiere movie night or a daytime matinée, Blue Jay Cinema has you covered. It is a local movie theater that offers deals and frequent buyer deals for both locals and tourists alike to see the box office hits this season. Today, you can even reserve your ticket for the newest Star Wars film that is sure to be a historic day when it comes to theaters (even if you are not a Star Wars fan). Admission is $11.50 for general admission and there are discounts for seniors, military, and children under 12.

8. Children’s Forest

The Children’s Forest is a 3,400 acres forest located in San Bernardino National Park. This historic place was founded after the 1970 Bear Fire, after which the trees were planted bearing the names of children. Today, the forest is home to the most popular hiking trail, which is a 4.5-mile expedition trial. In addition to their visitor’s center and recreation center, their mission is to educate kids on the importance of forest management by having them be a part in effective park management. This is done through camps, leadership classes, and activities that are sure to enrich a child’s life.

7. McKenzie Waterski School

When you want to get out and learn to waterski and have real fun in the sun, the best way to do that is by going on water skis. However, water skis have a steep learning curve and can be difficult, that is where McKenzie Waterski School comes in. Whether you wakeboard or waterski, whether you are a pro already or a first timer, this school can teach you all you need to know about the sport. Founded in 1946, this school has been teaching adults and kids alike on how to master the waterski. There is a variety of packages available, but for the 2-mile course, it is $60 per person.

6. Rim of the World Society

When the daylight is spent on the water and beach, the night is reserved for witnessing the clear skies and spectacular views. Taking a nice hike through the woods can be more than just good exercise. The Rim of the World Society aims to help people experience the rich history of these lands by providing visitors with the chance to take guided tours as well as through their mountain museums to learn about the Native American tribes that once lived there. Today the society is hosting a celebrity and history cruise for $29 a person (which includes champagne and snacks)

5. Wildhaven Ranch

Wildhaven Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary and visitor center that houses endangered indigenous animals. Created in 1994, the ranch has sanctuaries for bears and other wildlife like eagles and raccoons. The star attraction at the sanctuary is a young orphaned bear named Snickers, who lives at the sanctuary. They have regular events such as a bear watch, where, every Friday, weather permitting, a tour group is taught how to coexist with black bears before attempting to watch black bears up close and personal. This destination combines education and outdoor activities, making it a fun place to visit in Lake Arrowhead.

4. Rim Nordic Ski Area

Not all destinations have to be done exclusively during summer. The Rim Nordic Ski Area is a licensed ski resort that offers activities and events all year round. In the winter months, they are an official Cross Country Ski Association track and specialize in skiing and snowshoeing. Lessons are available for cross-country skiing. During the summer months, which go from Labor Day to Memorial Day, the park is still open to those who want to mountain bike down the trail. Ski rentals go for $19 for adults and that covers the full day. Youth from 11-16 for a full day is $12 and kids under 10 get free rentals.

3. Astronomy Village

You want to enjoy the clear starry nights up in the mountains when enjoying your stay. The best way to do that is by visiting Mountain Skies Astronomical Society or the MSAS Astronomy Village. Now along with some amenities, the main attraction of this village is the Robert Brownlee Observatory, which houses an 18 foot 3,000-pound telescope. Visitors can take part in monthly activities the village hosts, most notably the Sky Quest events, which are educational and interactive events perfect for kids who want to, learn more about the stars. Call in advance to place your tickets, as these events are perfect for kids who have had a fascination with space.

2. The Arrowhead Queen Lake Tour

Experience the beauty of the lake by taking a guided tour on the Lake Arrowhead Queen. Sailing every day on the hour all year round, this boat takes you on a relaxing tour. This low-key destination is perfect for the calm and perhaps romantic flair to your weekend getaway. Tickets are $17 for adults and $13 for children 12 and under. You can rent the queen on a private charter for around $450 an hour. You can rent out the boat for corporate parties, birthdays and even weddings. Take part in this famous and historic boat ride that you must experience during your stay.

1. Lake Arrowhead Village

If you are planning anything in Lake Arrowhead area, chances are you are staying somewhere around Lake Arrowhead Village. This central hub houses a lot of the locations featured on this list such as the queen boat tours. There are a plethora of activities not named here that are covered in the actual village such as fishing, skating and canoeing and hang-gliding. Real Estate is available as well whether you are passing by on holiday, or if you want to be a part of the small (12,000 population) town. This village is where most visitors stay when visiting the mountainous area, and for good reason on a count of all the things to do. Be sure to check out the full list on their website.

With all these things to do in Lake Arrowhead, you could spend the entire summer, or winter here and never runs out of things to experience. If you visit for the extreme sports during either the winter or summer, remember to stay hydrated to avoid overheating or exhaustion. California is having a long drought so be careful of starting any forest fires when camping, as it is very easy to let one ember start a blaze.