Things To Do In Lake Elsinore

things to do in Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore is California’s largest natural lake, and it’s what makes this the best weekend lake destination within the area. The majestic Ortega Mountain Range is a breathtaking backdrop to the historic city. The city recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Lake Elsinore, California.

10. Ortega Falls

There is more to Ortega Falls than there first appears. The main waterfall has a 35 foot drop, but there are several cascades after the falls that are just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the main falls. It is a bit of a scramble over large rocks to get to the falls. From the parking area head toward the right of the sign for the main waterfall; then to get to the cascades go back toward the parking lot and take the trail toward the left of the sign. It is only about a quarter of a mile from the parking pullout to reach the falls.

9. Elm Grove Beach

This wide beach area is perfect for friends and family. Elm Grove Beach has picnic tables and shade structures. Most families bring canopies or umbrellas because the number of shade structures is limited. During the summer BBQs and fire rings are allowed on the beach. This is perfect for a sunny day cookout. Bring a volley ball and play some beach volleyball on the courts. Frisbee and catch are popular activities on the sand. Parking is free. Boating and jet skiing are popular water activities. Although they cannot be launched from Elm Grove Beach visitors can watch them zipping through the water.

8. Outlets at Lake Elsinore

The shopping outlets have about 45 different stores and restaurants. This is a great place to visit some of your favorite stores. Like all outlets the deals here are unbeatable. Name brand stores and restaurants are a favorite stop for families visiting the region. The pathways have nice shaded areas to keep the hot summer sun off of you. The outlets have a nice outdoor seating area under the shade to keep you cool while you take a break. These outlets are considered to be the best shopping around the area, and you won’t want to miss out on these while visiting.

7. Links at Summerly

This golf course covers 7,000 yards, and the entire course is a par 72. The course was designed to resemble a classic links course similar to the ones found within the British Isles. This beautiful course has gorgeous mountain views. The nearby airport used by skydiver’s means that there is a constant flow of skydivers you can watch while you play. The rates are very reasonable, and starting at 1 P.M. or playing during the week will save you even more money. This is an excellent place to spend a quiet day golfing with friends.

6. Aqua Flyboarding

Aqua Flyboarding is a fun and unique experience. The FlyBoard connects to your feet and uses water to propel you above the lake. You feel like you are flying above the lake. You can use it to dive under the surface and propel yourself through the water or twist and flip above the lake’s surface. It only takes about five minutes to learn how to use this. It is very safe and buoyant when in the water. They have different packages depending on how long you want to stay. This is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Lake Elsinore, California.

5. Historic Downtown

Historic downtown is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. There are several antique shops where shoppers can find rare and unique items. Clothing boutiques offer a change from what the nearby outlets have to offer. This downtown area is a cute place to wander through with friends. Several local restaurants offer great places to grab a delicious meal. Vintage street lamps add a nostalgic feeling to the downtown district. A couple of buildings still in use date back to 1888. There is a small museum here that explores the area’s history. The museum is open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

4. Adventure Flights

Adventure Flights offers many different flying options for the whole family to enjoy. Adventure Flights offers glider rides, tandem skydiving, helicopter rides, bi-plane rides, indoor skydiving, and hot air balloon rides. The hot air balloons are a favorite activity for visitors. They have different size balloons to accommodate different size parties. Visitors can take a romantic and magical ride with their significant other or take the entire family up into the sky. The colorful balloons are a sight to see soaring through the blue sky. Take in the spectacular views as you soar above the city.

3. Lake Elsinore Casino

This is a fun place for adults to spend an evening away from the kids. The small unpretentious casino ensures that the staff is attentive and your experience is pleasant. This small casino has tabletop games only. The casino has about 20 different tables. It is attached to a hotel, so you can stay nearby. The casino is well known within the area for its exceptional food. They have a large menu so even the pickiest eaters will find something to enjoy. On Sundays they offer an expansive brunch for an excellent price.

2. Skydive Elsinore

This heart pounding experience is unforgettable. There are plenty of places to go skydiving, but few will offer the exceptional views and personal experience that Skydive Elsinore gives you. The expansive Ortega Mountain Range stretches out below you. The green land is dotted with bright blue lakes. The adrenaline pumping jump changes to a leisurely descent with epic views across the area once the parachute opens up. The freefall lasts about one minute and you will reach a speed of about 120 mph. For an extra charge skydivers can have their jump videoed by the tandem instructor.

1. Storm Stadium

This small baseball stadium is so much fun with friends and family. Kids love going to games here. The mascot is frequently seen interacting with kids. The staff does an excellent job of keeping the fans entertained between innings. Different promotions are done during every game. The atmosphere created by the friendly staff and fans is excellent. After Friday night games there is a fireworks show that is always enjoyed by everyone. This stadium is frequently voted one of the finest ballparks in the Minor Leagues. Come watch The Storms play at The Diamond for an entertaining evening.

Whether you are here for the extreme sports or to relax on the lakeside, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. There are many different activities and historical places to visit in Lake Elsinore, California. Today you can wander through the historical downtown streets, hike to some waterfalls, and soar through the sky in this beautiful lakeside town.