Things To Do In Malibu

things to do in malibu

Malibu, California is the premiere tourist destination on the west coast. Almost everyone has heard about this So Cal city because of its popularity in the media broadcasted around the world. Other than Santa Monica Pier, Malibu Pier has beachgoers who love to soak up the sunrays and have fun. This article will cover some of the most popular things to do in Malibu, California.

10. Malibu Country Mall

Before beginning your adventure in this fabulous city, it is best to stop at the mall and pick up some items for the day’s events. Since you will be taking part in many water-based activities, you can shop for the proper gear at many high-end stores inside the mall. There are varieties of upscale boutiques with a little something for everyone. This mall is where celebrities shop so paparazzi are always ready on cue hoping to get a shot. There is always something interesting going on here that you can try out. There are restaurants, art galleries, spas, and other things to experience. This place will make you feel like a true “Californian”.

9. Nicholas Flat Trail

This city has mountains for days making it a great to hike. The Nicholas Flat Trail is inside the Leo Carrillo State Park. Nature enthusiasts will love it here because the trail is about 8 miles long and 1800 feet high offering some of the best views in Southern California. The trail is well maintained and should take about 4 ½ hours to hike. This trail will test your physical endurance ability and give you something significant to look forward to. The ocean views are phenomenal and the animals, species of wildflowers that you see on the trail will leave you in awe.

8. Zuma Beach

Although there are about 30 beaches in this city, across 30 miles, Zuma is the most popular. Even its name has a futuristic sound to it. This beach is the biggest in Los Angeles County, and this is where locals and celebs come out to play. The beach has lifeguards, volleyball games, surfing events, great food, clean restrooms, great sights of wild dolphins, and sparkling white sand to sink your feet in. Of course, this beach is free to enter so it would be the perfect place for your family to start their adventure.

7. Solstice Canyon

This trail will give you a beautiful panoramic view of the nature surrounding it. The Santa Monica Mountains abound in view and a variety plant species and foliage in the area. You can take pictures next to the warm waterfalls because they are so beautiful. The canyon itself is very soothing to stare at it knowing that this is God’s country. The warm weather makes it perfect for a relaxing romantic weekend. There is free parking available so you can comfortably hike up to the old ruins of homes owned by celebrities.

6. Adamson House and Lagoon Museum

This house/museum has old-style decor on the inside and great architecture on the outside. The tiles and potteries in it are antique dating back to the 18th century. This house is beautifully constructed, making it an ideal place for a wedding or any social event. It’s time to take a step back in the past with this museum. Admissions are $7 for adults, $2 for kids age six to sixteen, and free for children 5 and under. This place is so cool for a relaxing time while you take a stroll through the ancient house and admire its beauty.

5. El Matador State Beach

This beach will leave you almost speechless with only two words to describe it; absolutely beautiful. This picture-perfect coastline has wild waves crashing against it with large red rocks on the shore. The rock formation is absolutely stunning and looks like the terrain of another planet. The hiking trails are great depending on your perspective; some are easy to get through and others are hard. The water caves in the area will take you back in time, and this is great for nature lovers. You can stand on the cliffs and inhale the clean breeze of the sweet air similar to Leonardo DiCaprio standing on the side of the Titanic with his arms extended. This beach is excellent for sunbathing, body surfing, kite surfing, and paddle boarding.

4. Malibu Pier

The pier is a social experience within itself. Many people come here after surfing events to sport fish while sitting on the benches and on chartered boats. You can eat seafood that comes out the water in the area at some of the many restaurants at the pier. The family can swim at the surrounding beaches today for some wet fun. This pier has been the setting for many movies and video games. At the time of this writing, there will be a surf museum coming soon featuring vintage surf memorabilia covering the history of surfing in California and how it began at the Surfrider Beach. This beach is seen from the pier alongside Paradise Cove. During your deep-sea fishing expedition, you can catch halibut, barracuda, sea bass, yellow tail snapper, red snapper, whitefish and more. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Malibu.

3. Getty Villa

This museum has free admissions and parking is only $15. You can study the history of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria focusing the gods and goddesses of the time. You will see antique sculptures, artwork, furniture, etc. This museum is mesmerizing when first you enter it resembling a Hollywood mansion from the outside. This museum is close to the waterfront near Highway 1, making it very convenient to find. There is also a curator explaining the history of everything in the museum. This museum is a must-see and is one of the top places to visit in Malibu.

2. Coastal Cruises

The coastline has so much to offer to tourists. This will be the perfect place to take your friends to see the best attractions listed in this article. You will, of course, see Surfrider Beach, Adam House, Lagoon State Beach, and the Malibu Colony (a celebrity house). Not only will the cool, fresh, sea water clear your lungs as you breathe in its relaxing smell, but you will see wild sea life performing at its best. Some of the animals seen are pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, etc. Some of the coastal cruises to look out for are the Coastal Adventures and Surfrider Cruise. You can even sign up for some of these coastal cruises at the pier.

1. Surfing

Surfrider Beach is the beginning of the surfing world in California. This is the birthplace of this worldwide sporting activity. Many people come here to socialize, relax, and surf. The Lagoon State Park is perfect for this. This beach was the center of the surfing culture in the 50’s and 60’s, and home to surf contests. There is also a bird sanctuary within walking distance from the beach. This is a very large beach with plenty of things to do. Just wait until you get here and experience it for yourself.

Hearing “Malibu, California” may conjure up many things such as a high-class culture, fun in the sun, celebrity spotting and upscale shopping. It is part of Los Angeles culture. Travel Tip: Some of the activities listed here would be best performed if a person is physically fit. Doing some exercises before departing will be a great idea to get your body fit. Also, wear your best clothes because it is California!