Things To Do In Marco Island

things to do in marco island

Marco Island is a type of island that is known as a barrier island because of where it is located; within the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the Southwest area in Florida. This island is actually linked to the mainland through a ton of different bridges that are located on the end of the city that it towards Naples. Here you will find all kinds of beaches, resort hotels, golf courses, marinas, restaurants and shopping areas around every corner and so much, much more. There are so many things to do in Marco Island; you can also relax at the spa after spending the day at the beach.

10. Boat Tours

There are tons and tons of different boat tours that you can choose from to go on; each one is unique and special in its own. For example there are basic boat tours which just go out on the water for a simple and basic time while landmarks and special areas are pointed out or there are seashell boat tours where you can go look for seashells and more. One of the best tours to go on is one of the most popular ones and it is known as the Dream lander boat tour.

9. Fishing Charters and Tours

The Fishing charters and tours are dedicated to educating those who go on them to learning more about the animals that live in the water and their habitat. On some of the tours you will be able to see dolphins, clownfish, sometimes sharks, sting rays and so much more. Other tours you can even be able to touch some of the animals at times. Two of the best fishing tours to check out for the family or just friends are the Florida’s Finest Fishing tour and the Six Chuter Charters tour.

8. Island Tennis

At Island Tennis you can schedule to have lessons with the Tennis Pro, Susan Evans who is USPTA certified and teaches tons of people on a daily basis all about Tennis and what is best to do and what not to do. Susan Evans is a wonderful person and is a complete professional at all times; she has such passion and drive for her love of Tennis that it just rubs off on you. With just one lesson you will see a dramatic and positive improvement on your overall Tennis skills.

7. Keewaydin Island

This Island is well-known for their great beaches, their beautiful nature and enriching parks as well as all of their outdoor activities that they have to offer for people of all kinds and of all ages. It is rather important to know that you can only get here by boat but once you are there you will think that you have finally reached paradise. There is always something going on here when it comes to fun and entertainment and you have several different food boats to choose from there if you are hungry too.

6. Sightseeing Tours

There are all kinds of sightseeing tours to pick from when you are visiting at Marco Island; some of them are romantic and some of them are more about having fun and hanging out on the weekend or something else. You can choose from smaller boats such as the Off the Hook Adventures tour or you can go with something bigger and more elaborate such as the Marco Island Princess tour. In order to see a lot of dolphins it is best suggested to go with the, The Dolphin Explorer tour. Best yet is a tour out of the water; the Marco Murder and Mayhem tour.

5. Mackle Park

At Mackle Park you can walk around and enjoy the sun, have a picnic, go for a jog or work out and more. Enjoy a game of basketball with friends or other activities that there are to do in Marco Island or take some time out to relax and watch all of the different wildlife that surrounds you. Bright and beautiful dragonflies and birds all over and rather friendly; perhaps you should bring some bread and or bird food for them. After you eat you can end the day by riding a bike around the lake.

4. South Marco Beach

South Marco Beach is known as being one of the top two places that are considered to be public access points to Marco Beach itself; it is a very popular location in which is filled with a ton of fun and an endless amount of memories and experiences that await you. The sand is white in color and is very similar to powder; it is rather soft to the touch and the views are just jaw-dropping and breathtaking. There are condos and hotels on this beach that you can stay at if desired and the seeing the sunset here is one of the best sunsets that you will ever see.

3. Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach is another fantastic beach to go and visit when you are at Marco Island in Florida. It is a great beach to go to but is not meant for everyone because of how you have to get to it. You park your car across the water and walk across to the beach through water that is about waist height so you can’t take much with you. However once you get settled it is a very nice beach and it is all worth it. Just bring some chairs and umbrellas and you will be fine.

2. Marco Island Historical Museum

The Marco Island Historical Museum is an absolutely wonderful place to go and visit; home to one of the most influential and remarkable discoveries in North American archaeology. You can see informative displays as well as a recreated village scene of the Key Marco Cat and the Southwest Florida’s Calusa Indians. It starts with how the island began as a fishing village then how it moved on to being a pineapple plantation then a clam cannery to how it became the Miami based Deltona Corporation throughout the 1960’s. Great experiences that can help you learn all about the history of Marco Island.

1. Isles of Capri Marina

At the Isles of Capri Marina you can relax and enjoy watching all of the boats come and go back and forth. Pelicans are always close by and from time to time you can see a few dolphins here and there. You can even get on a boat and take a tour and go around the Island to see everything that there is to see. One of the Captains that work this activity is Captain Paul and he gives a great and educational tour. All of the staff is nice and caring and you will have a blast no matter what.

Visiting Marco Island in Florida will be a dream vacation for anyone that will create a long list of memories that will be sure to last longer than a lifetime. There are all kinds of tourist attractions in Marco Island as well as places to visit in Marco Island, collectively in all islands. No matter what you do, it will be the best and you will have a ton of fun.