Things To Do In Niagara Falls

things to do in niagara falls

When people think of the Niagara Falls, visions of waterfalls cascading off rocks with droplets of water mist filling the air hitting their faces may come to mind. This place is absolutely beautiful and perfect for taking a family on a cool, relaxing, but fun vacation. This city is small and on the borderline of Buffalo in upstate New York. This article will cover the top things to do in Niagara Falls.

10. Cross Over To Canada

Seeing this beautiful waterfall on the New York side is one thing, but if you have your passport and were to cross over and see it from the Canadian side is another thing. Ontario, Canada is literally a hop, skip, and jump away. It is widely known that Canadians have different mentalities compared to Americans. Canada was recently recognized as the number one country for personal freedom and social toleration. This is why cartoons such as South Park depict Canadians as being physically different from everybody else, because in a way, mentally, they are. Also, by visiting Canada, you will gain bragging rights to say you’ve visited another country.

9. Fishing

This city has world-class freshwater fishing all year round and some of the lakes and rivers to keep an eye on while you’re here are the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Erie Canal. These bodies of water are great for catching Chinook, king, and Coho Salmon, brown, lake and Rainbow Trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, Northern Pike, Carp, Muskellunge, yellow perch, and even smelt. There is a variety of fishing methods that one can do here such as shore fishing, fly fishing, and deep-sea fishing in the upper and lower part of the river. Some of the fishing areas are the Whirlpool State Park, Devil’s Hole, New York Power Authority Platform, Earl W. Brydges State Park, Joseph David State Park, and shoreline fishing at the Lewiston Waterfront Park.

8. Casinos

There are two main casinos in the city; Seneca and Fallsview. Seneca is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Niagara Falls. They have live music and comedy shows from many world famous entertainers. They have slot machines, table games, poker rooms, quality dining, events room with a stage, and a concert room for music fests. The Fallsview Casino is situated very close to the falls. This elegant casino has 3000 slot machines, 130 table games, and an exclusive poker room. After gaming you will be able to stay at the luxurious hotel on site that has many amenities such as spa, fitness center, restaurants, and a theatre. You need to be 21 to enter the casinos on the New York side, but only 19 to enter them on the Canadian side. A great Canadian casino to check out is Casino Niagara.

7. Aerospace Museum

This museum focuses on the history of aviation and aerospace science covering over 100 years. This museum houses aircraft artifacts from the last century. Some of the aircrafts you will learn about are F-18’s, P-40’s, and XS-1’s. You will also learn about the famous pilots who flown these aircrafts. This museum is next to the international airport, so you can visit it upon arriving in town. Hours of operation are from 11am to 4pm on Wednesdays through Sundays. They’re closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and holidays. Admissions for entrance are $8 for adults and $3 for children. This is a great place to learn a bit about local aviation history!

6. The Science Museum

This museum is smaller and more interpersonal than the others. Since it’s small, it won’t take too much time out of your day which leaves some for visiting other excellent attractions. You will learn about physics, mechanics, heat, optics, astronomy, electricity, meteorological instruments, and more. The history of waterfall will also be covered here. You will see scientific equipment and gadgets that will leave you wanting to learn more about science. Not only will your family love it, but you and your friends will also! This museum is open year-round from 1pm to 4pm, and it’s handicapped accessible. The admissions are free, but you can give a $10 donation if you want!

5. Three Sisters Island and Goat Island

Goat Island is the biggest island before getting to Three Sisters. You can drive around it and admire its beauty before parking and exploring on foot. There is even a parking lot and restaurant on Goat Island. This island is near the border so you can see Canada from it. On the American side is a great view of the infamous Bridal Falls. This island is great for the elderly to relax and enjoy a nice calm walk. Couples can sit on the stones and enjoy a romantic weekend with while watching the kids play in the park near the entrance. The Three Sisters Island is connected to Goat Island and has a much smaller waterfall swooshing down the upper rapids under the pedestrian bridge. The great thing about these islands is that they are free to enter!

4. Gorge Discovery Center and Hiking Trail

The George Discovery Center is great for kids to learn about geology and natural history. There are informative displays to interact with and a theatre showing educational documentaries. The admission to enter the center is only $3 during certain days and times. The center is next to the river near the Canadian border and is part of Niagara Falls State Park. When hiking on the trail you can see the swirling grand rapids flowing down the river. Nature lovers will love this! There is a map near the entrance to help guide your direction on the trail, and many birds in the area for bird watching. Another thing to remember is being careful hiking up the rocky terrain. They can get steep at times. You can buy tickets online today to reserve your visit.

3. Skylon Tower Observation Deck

The Skylon Tower Observation Deck will let you see everything from a panoramic vantage point. You can see the skylines of both Buffalo and Toronto from here. Most importantly, the falls are in view and look absolutely stunning from this height. The tower has been here for 50 years and offers the best views of the city. This place is great for kids, families, and friends wanting to get a rush from these heights. There is a mini mall, arcade, 3-D movie room, buffet, and a dining room all within 775 feet in the air. You can book your tickets to enter this tower and reserve your dinner table online. The tower is open all year round from 8 to midnight during the summer, and 9am to 10pm during the winter. The entrance fee is only $12 for adults and $6 for children. This is one of the top places to visit in Niagara Falls.

2. The Aquarium

This is a very fun place where kids can get up-close-and-personal with the animals. They can “Meet a Seal” that allows them to touch and feed them. There are penguins and a sea lion show. Aside from these animals, this aquarium has seahorses, sturgeons, and an array of freshwater and saltwater fishes. This aquarium is near the George hiking trail, the falls, and very close to other tourist attractions listed in this article. This is the perfect place to host an event such as a birthday party. The aquarium is open daily from 9am to 5:00pm. Admissions are $13 for adults and $9 for children. Infants 2 years and under get in free and only $11 for seniors. There is free parking.

1. The Niagara Falls

The falls consist of two; American and Horseshoe. The Horseshoe Falls is the main one with a 200 foot drop off. It’s about 1000 feet wide with 600 gallons of water pouring off the break per second. Some of the other falls to look out for when visiting are the Bridal Veil (absolutely stunning), Cave of the Winds, and Whirlpool State Park. There is also an aero car that rides above the whirlpool to give you a bird’s eye view of the falls. Some of the boat tours that will take you near the falls are the Whirlpool Jet, Maid of Mist, and the Hornblower. The Hornblower is a big blue and white boat that gets really close to the falls where you can feel the water mist touching your face. They have a curator on it, explaining the history and facts of the waterfalls.

Niagara Falls is a premiere tourist destination with so many activities to do. Many people have heard about this wonderful city and want to visit it at one point in their life. Travel Tip: Bring a raincoat and waterproof sportswear that can easily be dried since some of these activities involve water.