Things To Do In Port Angeles

things to do in port angeles

Port Angeles is a small town in Washington State in the heart of Olympic Peninsula. Most visitors stay who stay here are visiting for most popular tourist attractions in Port Angeles the Olympic National Park. But there are plenty of other things to do in this town. From taking a romantic stroll on the beautiful beaches to wine tasting and many outdoor activities, visitors enjoy their stay.

10. Wine tasting

The Olympic Peninsula houses some of the most distinctive wineries in the state. The region produces wines that are sold across the world. The most popular wineries are The Harbinger Winery and The Olympic Cellars Winery. Harbinger is set in an ex-logging truck stop at 101 West, holding tastings Monday to Saturday 11am to 6pm and 11am to 5pm on Sundays. Wine, chocolate, cheese and beer can be tasted and purchased here. At Olympic wine, tours and tastings are available as well as souvenir items for sale. Guests pay around $5 to try 5 different wines.

9. Whale watching tours

Whale watching tours are a very popular activity where tourists have the opportunity to see up to 5 different types of whales. Minke, humpback, gray whales and resident and transient orcas can be found in the waters surrounding Port Angeles. As well as whales other wildlife including seals, sea lions, porpoise and bald eagles can be seen. With the tour operator PA Whale watch tours cost from $79 for adults and $39 for children 3-12years old and depart at 1030am and 4pm daily depending on demand. Making prior reservations with whichever company chosen is best advisable.

8. Madison Creek Falls

The waterfall is found at the Elwha River entrance to the national park. The visible part of these falls is around 40 feet and can be seen year round. The viewing point allows visitors to take in the beautiful view of these waterfall plus see the mountain peaks to the south too. The area is very accessible and there’s a paved path to the base of the falls. The short 150 feet walk from the parking spaces is lined with pretty native plants and offers a pleasant atmosphere to the visit.

7. Port Angeles Fine Arts Centre

A museum of contemporary art, the gallery displays thought provoking exhibits. The location offers lovely views of mountains and sea which complements the layout of the museum. The ‘museum without walls’ known as the woodland art park holds 125 sculptures along trails throughout the 5 acre setting. Today current exhibits include Dual Nature: Draw Cut and Burn. Gallery hours are 11am to 5pm from Thursday to Sunday and closes at the earlier 4pm during the winter months. The Woodland Art Park is open during daylight hours and admission is free.

6. Museum at the Carnegie

The Clallam County Museum at the Carnegie provides visitors with a glimpse into what life was like in the county’s early days. The Historical society started collecting artefacts, documents and photographs in 1948. There are seven permanent exhibits that showcase the story of Clallam county and people from early tribes to modern day. Exhibits include art, language, the national park and agriculture. Opening hours are between 1-4pm from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Admission is free however a suggested donation of $2 is appreciated. The museum is found just two blocks from the Harbour at Lincoln Street.

5. Downtown Port Angeles

Downtown is the place for friends and family to have fun and unwind. Independent boutique shops full of unique treasures can be found along West Railroad Avenue and Front Street. Also find tourist stores and gifts here. Seafood restaurants are a favourite with visitors for fresh off the boat crab, mussels and fish but there are plenty of other varieties too. Not only great for nightlife, public art and murals are dotted around downtown. The Conrad Dyar memorial fountain is also a beautiful place to sit on the benches and rest.

4. City Pier and Hollywood Beach

At the waterfront sits the city pier with a four story observation tower at the end. From the tower visitors can experience amazing views of these mountains, Ediz Hook and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Victoria BC buildings and Vancouver Island can be seen in the distance. Photographers love this position poised on top on the observation deck especially at sunrise and sunset. The beach is a good place for observing wildlife and popular for kayaking. It is also great for family picnics and lazy days on by the sea.

3. Art Feiro Marine Life Centre

At the entrance of the Pier is the Feiro Marine Life Centre where visitors can explore marine life exhibits and learn about marine research. Both kids and adults will enjoy exploring the sea stars, Pacific octopus, fish and crabs as well as getting a close up view at the microscope station. Displays of whale bones, shells and sculptures dispay the natural history of this area Open seven days a week from 12pm and 5pm in Winter and 10am to 5pm during Summer. Admission costs $4 for adults and $2 for children.

2. Ediz Hook

Created by wind and tidal action Ediz Hook is a three-mile sand spit extending from the north shore of Port Angeles. It creates a natural harbour to the south preventing the large ocean swells across the strait. The City have lined the spit with heavy boulders to ensure storms do not break up the sand. There’s a coast guard station at the tip and cars can access the area on Ediz Hook Road. The spit offers scenic views of town and Harbour seals, Orca pods and many birds can be spotted here.

1. Olympic National Park

The visitor centre is a great resource centre for those looking to explore the national park. Books and information about the park are sold at the centre. Outdoor adventures can be enjoyed in the beautiful environment of valleys of forests, hot springs and coast line. Camping is available here at a fee and hiking and biking are all cool things to do for families. The park covers 922,000 acres including Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent and alpine forests. The Olympic national park is described as one of the best places to visit in Port Angeles.

Most holiday makers tend to visit during the warm season which lasts from June to September. This is when most of these attractions are open for longer hours and outdoor activities can be enjoyed in comfort. Visitors will find plenty of things to do in Port Angeles and around. Ferries come and go daily being a departure point for Victoria in British Columbia with black ball ferry line, at a 90-minute trip it is perfect for a weekend break.