Things To Do In Port Arsansas

things to do in port of arsansas

Port Arsansas is a city that is located within a city known as Nueces County in Texas; the overall population is around three thousand and five hundred. With that being said it is very important to know that it is the only legit town that is on Mustang Island. However there are plenty of attractions to visit in the city just like there are plenty of places to visit in Port Arsansas, Texas. Some are free while some are romantic and some are meant for the family while others are meant for friends; the choice is up to you and the selections are endless.

10. Leona belle Turnbull Birding Center

This is a great place for kids to go to and learn all about birds and more; here you can see all kinds of birds and other wild life like alligators and what not. It is a peaceful place to hang out and walk around in. There is a lot of sea to see and you can either stay and relax on the boardwalk or go up the observation tower for a better view of things. A few of the most common birds seen here include the roseate spoonbill and the magnificent frigate bird.

9. Port Arsansas Beach

Port Arsansas Beach is a beach that is public and it is a very clean one at that; there is a lifeguard on duty almost all of the time and there are even some locations nearby for free car parking. You can sit on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the waves or ride up and down the beach checking one all of the beautiful views that there are of the coast line. Just keep in mind that summertime is when this beach is the most crowded, and this is because of tourist season.

8. Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture

Here you can be captivated by the beauty of nature for hours on end; be able to walk through all kinds of trails and see tons of wildlife, plants, trees, shrubs and much, much more. When you are in the parking lot of the Preserve you can get a free pamphlet that has a map on it for you to use. All of the trails are very well maintained and the entire place is beyond peaceful. You just need to keep an eye out for signs because some of them can be rather hard to see at times.

7. Mustang Island State Park

The State Park at Mustang Island is one the most popular tourist attractions in Port Arsansas for camping in the area, especially with all of the scouting troops because it is such a wonderful place to take them to have a great scout outing. There are some camp sites that are close to the beach which are very nice and there are even bathrooms and private showers that are close to the camp sites as well. It doesn’t take long at all to get to the beach and the beach is always kept clean and tidy.

6. Boat Tours

Within Port Arsansas, Texas there are all kinds of boat tours to choose from to take in order to learn more about the area as well as to have fun. The selection is wide but at least you can easily find one that you want. A few of the most popular ones that tourists take are the C&T Bay Charters, the Stray Cat Sailing Adventures and the Red Dragon Pirate Cruises. Then there is also Dolphin Dock day trips for fun or Woody’s Sports Center which is great for the weekends.

5. San Jose Island

San Jose Island is a wonderful place to go to and have some fun; it is a great location for fishing as well as shelling. From time to time you can see a ton of dolphins go by and the sunsets and sunrises are just absolutely breathtaking. Just keep in mind that this is an island so there are no restrooms to use and there are no commercial sites either. Tourists love this island because there is always something washing up on shore and you never know what it will be.

4. The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute offers free admission to anyone and everyone to go in and see all kinds of displays and tanks on and which have eels, fish, oysters, sea horses and all kinds of other marine animals. The museum may be small in size but it is very interesting and most of what you will see is species that are local to the area in the first place. This may be an educational tour but it is also a fun one to take and kids as well as adults will enjoy it very much.

3. The Port Arsansas Ferry System

This ferry system is free and goes to the mainland; the stuff is always punctual and professional, you can rely on them just like a normal clock. Anytime of the day or night that you are there you will more than likely see some dolphins going by as well as a ton of different birds. You will end up crossing the Corpus Christi Ship Channel which is always busy and ends up connecting the mainland to Mustang Island. Around the weekends is when the ferry system is the most busy and crowded to travel.

2. Roberts Point Park

Roberts Point Park is an all-around great place to go and hang out no matter if it is day or night; it is a beautiful park that overlooks the channel and is known as one of the best areas for fishing in Port Arsansas, especially because it is free. You can also walk your dog in the park and there are poop bags supplied all over the place by the city. Take a weekend and go relax in the sun while you watch the ships go by and have a picnic while you feel the sane between your toes.

1. Winston’s Candy Company

This is a must see when you go to Port Arsansas, Texas because it has so many kinds of candy in all varieties of colors that you can see in one place. Everywhere you look you will see a different type of candy or a different flavor of it and you will find yourself figuring out what to get and what not to get. The inside of the shop is decorated with vintage memorabilia in which makes it look like a little museum. Best of all this is where you go when you want candy that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Based on this list of top ten things to do in Port Arsansas, Texas you can clearly see that it is a hands down great place to go and a must for a once in a lifetime vacation. There is so much to do that you will never be bored and there will never be a dull moment. Go for a hike in the morning, a swim at the beach and then some shopping with sight-seeing like a museum or a bird tour and then grab a bite to eat and finish up with a little bit of walking on the beach or chilling by a fire.