Things To Do In San Juan

things to do in san juan

San Juan is capital of Puerto Rico, it is also known as being the largest city in that area; it rests on the Atlantic coast and is all about enriching historical experiences and fun activities that never seem to end. There is so much to do when it comes to all that San Juan has to offer that it can often be hard to figure out what all to do let alone on where to begin your amazing adventure at. To help get you started there is a list of the top ten things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico mentioned below. You will soon find yourself wanting to look at everything and learn more and more.

10. Old San Juan

This section is probably the most amazing you will see; it still remains as it did when it was the heart of the Caribbean and Spanish Empire. Just walking around the area and looking inside of the churches and down the alleyways will be breathtaking and an adventure on all its own. A few aspects that make this city even more alluring are how the streets are more than two hundred years old and made of cobblestone and how the entire city is surrounded by a wall just like most old European cities are.

9. The Bacardi Factory

Honestly this is just a basic tour of a factory but it is still fun to take and learn about it all; basic admission is twelve dollars and you will also receive a large size plastic Bacardi cup as well as a token for a free drink and even a pamphlet. Learn about how the alcohol gets made, from start to finish and discover the inspiration that it takes to create new flavors and so much more. Then when the tour is done you can shop the gift store and take extra goodies home with you.

8. El Morro

From El Morro you can see views that are spectacular of the San Juan Bay; this entire area is considered to be a National Historic Site back in February of 1949 and is a total of seventy four acres. The walls that surround it are eighteen feet thick and there are barracks, tunnels, dungeons, ramps and outposts all over the place. Throughout all of this are circular sentry boxes, these are also known as garitas and are forts that are unique and are considered to be a national symbol for Puerto Rico still to this day.

7. The Beach

In the San Juan area there are three main beaches; they are known as Condado Beach, Isla Verde Beach and Ocean Beach. These beaches are just as beautiful as beaches anywhere else and tend to draw a lot of the visitors. On all of the beaches you will find a wide selection to choose from of high class hotels, resorts, lodges and more. You will also have a variety of top of the line restaurants to choose from and all kinds of shopping. There will never be a dull moment when coming here. This is a perfect place to take the family and spend time with the kids.

6. The San Cristobal Fort

This fort was the other part of the defense for the city; it is known to be one of the largest defenses that was ever built in the Americas and it is one hundred and fifty feet tall and covers about twenty seven acres of land overall. El Morro was the other part of the defense system. This defense system had everything that was pretty much imaginable available for use against the enemy in battle; they had stone walls, draw bridges, cannons, torches, guns, knives, bows and arrows and more.

5. The Cathedral

When it comes to the world of architecture The Cathedral is said to be one of the best tourist attractions of San Juan and is a perfect example of Medieval designs that are rare new world aspects mixed with authentic features. There is tons and tons of beauty everywhere you look and it also contains the tomb made out of marble for Juan Ponce de Leon; he was the island’s first Governor and more. With every corner and line in this place you will see the essence of pure bliss and beauty because it is so well built and put together that it is considered to be a must see site.

4. The El Yunque Rainforest

The El Yunque is the only rainforest that is a part of the United States National Forest System. It is made up of more than two hundred and forty different kinds of trees; in retrospect, it is actually a series of forests where each one is completely determined based on the altitude that it is sitting at. There are some forests that sit lower and tend to be drier with darker colored trees and bushes whereas there are also some forests that sit higher up that are not as green.

3. The Paseo de la Princesa

The Paseo de la Princesa is actually a part of old San Juan and is a wonderful area to take a walk through. It is located between the bay of San Juan and what is the old city wall. Along this walk are a ton of other landmarks such as the Raices Fountain, the La Rogativa and the San Juan gate. On most weekends there are all kinds of activities and festivals that are going on for everyone to enjoy. There is everything from music, food, games, shows, prizes, animals and more.

2. The Plaza de Colon

The Plaza de Colon was originally known as the St. James Square; in here there is a fountain that was dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the island in the year of 1493. It is bounded by San Francisco Street and Calle Fortleza. The statue is of him holding up a flag in his left hand and the globe up in the right hand. At the bottom there are a bunch of bronze plaques that illustrate different important events that happened in the life of Christopher Columbus himself.

1. The Cemetary

The Cemetary known, as Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis is a wonderful place to visit that is located in Old San Juan near the ocean? It is best to get a tour guide to go with you on this walk so you can learn all that there is to know such as the historical figures and what they mean as well as the tombs and what the more elaborate ones mean. For example, the more elaborate ones are for people who meant more to the community as well as to those who had the most money.

Whether you choose to make this trip a romantic one or one with it just being about hanging out and friends you will find yourself absolutely enjoying all of the cool things and places to visit in San Juan. There are fortresses that are huge all over the place and buildings from the colonial area that are bright and colorful as well as landmarks from the sixteenth century. When it comes to the beaches, this area is more known for casinos, nightclubs and bars; think of it like a resort strip for tourists amongst everyone else. Start creating your one of a kind dream vacation today and make it exactly how you want to spend it.