Things To Do In St. Louis

things to do in st. louis

St. Louis, Missouri is known as the Gateway to the West. When the United States was still being settled and explored travelers would stop here, the last major metropolitan area at the time, before heading into the unknown. May thru October is the best time of year to visit this city teeming with American history. The weather is mild during these months, ranging between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are so many cool places to go in St. Louis, Missouri!

10. Fox Theater

The Fox Theater originally opened in 1929, and in 1982 it was reopened after a $2 million restoration project to return it to its former glory. The theater is just as breathtaking as it was in 1929, if not more so, since seeing architecture like this is rare in the modern world. There are not words to describe the grandeur of this theater, and pictures never seem to do it justice. If you do not have time to attend a show here, they do conduct tours on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

9. St Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the most impressive buildings around the city. Its huge columns, statues, and expansive grounds leave you feeling impressed, and you haven’t even stepped inside to view the magnificent works of art yet. The gallery’s collection covers five centuries and artwork from six continents. This makes the art gallery one of the most comprehensive in the nation. It is located in beautiful Forest Park and general admission is free for all visitors. On Fridays the special exhibits are free for visitors as well. Another thing to note is they are open on weekend and closed on Mondays.

8. Budweiser Brewery Tour

The St. Louis location is the largest and oldest brewery site for Budweiser. They began operations in 1852. That’s over 160 years ago! The famous Clydesdales are on site, and love to pose whenever their pictures are taken! You can enjoy a sunny summer afternoon in their outdoor biergarten where they serve a full menu. They offer several different tour options depending on what you are most interested in. Children are welcome to come along on any of these tours. Opening times vary depending on the season, and they are closed for most holidays.

7. Grant’s Farm

This farm is named for Ulysses S. Grant; although, the land is not owned by him or his family, it is owned by the Busch family, the makers of Budweiser. This is a great place to spend with the family on a sunny afternoon. The farm has a petting zoo, camel rides, a carousel, paddle boats, the option to feed several different animals, as well as free animal shows. General admission is free; however some attractions do have a small fee. Opening times change for each season, so check before planning your trip.

6. Missouri Civil War Museum

This museum was renovated in early 2000, on the foundation that was originally a hospital used for wounded soldiers during the civil war. The museum hosts a large amount of civil war artifacts and several short videos describing the events during this time. This museum has something for the most knowledgeable civil war expert all the way to children just learning about it in school. Spend a few hours exploring the history of the war and the interesting way the location of Missouri affected their role during the civil war. The museum is open 7 days a week, except for some holidays.

5. Forest Park

The World Fair in 1904 was held in this park, and it’s almost 50% bigger than the famous Central Park in New York. This park has 13 million visitors every year. There are so many things to see and do in this beautiful park. You can enjoy lunch on the lush green grass, take the kids to the playground, stroll around the lake on a walkway that is large enough for the jogger and the casual walker, enjoy the different statues and fountains scattered throughout the park, and do a little bit of bird watching. No matter what your preference is, you will want to make time to visit this gorgeous park.

4. City Museum

The City Museum is not a museum at all, at least not in the traditional sense. This is an amazing and fun for all ages playground and funhouse! Created by artist Bob Cassilly, he uses urban objects to create art that you can climb on, slide through, and just enjoy in a way that art work is not typically enjoyed. Part of the museum is outside and roof access is allowed when the weather permits, so dress appropriately. Be sure to wear clothes appropriate to play in and closed toe shoes. They are closed Monday and Tuesday, but open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

3. Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

This jaw dropping cathedral was built from 1907 to 1914. The gorgeous mosaics took over 80 years to complete and contains over 41 million pieces of glass! It is easy to get lost in the intricate paintings that cover the ceilings and walls throughout the cathedral. It’s hard to find anything that compares with the masterful architecture and artwork within this cathedral. Guided tours are available by reservation, but you are free to take a self-guided tour as well. We recommend that you call in advance to ensure that a mass or private event is not in progress during your preferred visit time.

2. The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a symbolic landmark for the city that is known as the gateway to the west. It was built as a monument to Thomas Jefferson and as a symbol for the role St. Louis played in westward expansion. This impressive arch is not just to be enjoyed from the outside! Face your fear of heights and small spaces, because a ride to the top of the 630-foot tall arch is well worth the trip! A thrilling romantic tour is also a fine idea. Once you arrive at the top spend some time looking out the windows into the surrounding city.

1. Missouri Botanical Garden

There is a lot so see within this large garden! They have a dome greenhouse that does not have any columns on the inside to allow for a maximum amount of sunlight for the plants. There are several international gardens including; Japanese, Bavarian, Chinese, English Woodland, and a unique walled garden from the Ottoman Empire. The garden also includes a children’s garden, a Victorian district and Tower Grove House, and so much more. The Missouri Botanical Garden is ranked with the top three botanical gardens around the globe! You won’t want to miss this; it is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in St. Louis, Missouri! The garden is open daily. They offer guided tours through the garden that is included with the admission price.

There is so much history here. The city played a vital role in shaping our nation into what it is today, and what better way to learn about it all than to visit the beautiful city itself? There are so many fun and educational things to do in St. Louis, Missouri! So, stop thinking of this city as the “fly-over city” and come experience everything it has to offer for yourself!