Things To Do In Tybee Island

things to do in tybee island

Tybee is a popular seaside destination for families. Located at the most eastern point of Georgia; it is a barrier Island off the coast of Georgia and along the historically important Savannah River. The island has three miles of beautiful public beaches. There are so many great seashores and things to do in Tybee Island, Georgia.

10. Savannah River Beach

This is among the more quiet beaches in the area, and a great place to escape the crowds. The water here is typically calm as the Savannah River flows into the ocean. This area is a great area to spot dolphins playing within the calmer water. This is a popular spot for families with young children because the calmer water is more enjoyable for the young kids. Unfortunately lifeguards are not on duty at this location, so please be cautious. You can access this area by parking at North beach and walking a few blocks.

9. Gallery by the Sea

Gallery by the Sea is a cute gift and souvenir store. It contains eight different rooms to wander through and look at the cute nautical gift and décor items. With so many different rooms and nooks and crannies it’s impossible to see it all in just one visit! They also feature artwork done by local artists. Several items and gifts are handmade by locals. There are several great shops on the island, but this ranks with the best. They are adding new artists and items all the time, so the experience is different every time you visit.

8. Back River Beach

Back River is the only other beach connected to a river here. Back River is on the opposite side of Tybee from Savannah River, and is closer to the island known as Little Tybee. It’s a perfect spot to launch kayak trips to explore Little Tybee, an uninhabited area only reachable by boat and kayak. The waters are calm here as well, and attract wildlife such as dolphins, pelicans, and turtles. It’s a wonderful spot for kayaking, paddle boarding, or fishing. There is not a lifeguard on duty. The Back River Fishing Pier has public restrooms available.

7. Mid Beach

It’s considered to be a local’s favorite, and one of the incredible places to visit in Tybee Island, Georgia. There are only two places to stay near here so generally this area is less crowded. This is a great place to meet friends and family. Spend the day relaxing under the sun and collecting sea shells. You can pack a lunch and never have to leave the seashore. There is only one restaurant in this area, and it can get crowded, so packing a lunch is a wonderful idea when visiting here, and can make for a romantic date. A public restroom is available about a half block away at Memorial Park.

6. Cockspur Lighthouse

This lighthouse is on Cockspur Island, and is only accessible by boat or kayak. There is a walking path from Fort Pulaski that will allow you to get within about 200 yards on land. They believe it was rebuilt in 1855 after a hurricane destroyed the original tower. It stopped operation as a lighthouse in 1909, but it is still standing today, and in 2007 the National Park Service and the U.S. Coast Guard began turning the lights on again for historical purposes. It if open and free for the public to go inside; however, visitors are not allowed to go to the top.

5. Tybee Island Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center is a small building near the pier. The Science Center is a great place to avoid a little bad weather, or get out from under the noon day sun with the kids for an hour or two. They have a small touch tank, turtles, stingrays, and more. Teaching visitors about the protection and preservation of sea life is their goal. In addition to informational exhibits they also provide guided walks on North or South Beach. Call in advance to ensure space. These walks highlight animals found around the area, habitats, tides, and sand dune formation. They also offer a salt marsh trek. This trek gives you information about life and vegetation within the marsh.

4. North Beach

Its location at the mouth of the Savannah River causes this to be a superb spot to see the giant international cargo ships coming and going. Savannah, a 20 minute drive from Tybee, is among the busiest ports across the United States so the ships pass by frequently. This is considered to be the second most popular beach here. Morning strolls along the shore is a great time to spot dolphins and collect shells. Fishers will wade out into the water here to catch a fresh dinner. Lifeguards are on duty here. Parking and restrooms are available.

3. South Beach

Easily the most popular and crowded beach here; it is also the most fun. It’s the easiest to get to for visitors. Places to stay, eat, and shop are located within a couple of blocks so its location is convenient for all visitors. Since everything is close by it is easy to go from one activity to the next here. Surfing is allowed here. There is always something happening. Watch the surfers speed by on a wave, or children building sand castles and collecting shells. Restrooms are located at the pier, and lifeguards are onsite.

2. Tybee Island Lighthouse Museum

This black and white lighthouse was built during the 18th century. You can also visit the keeper’s quarters, a gift shop, and a history museum. The museum covers over 400 years of area history. The climb to the top is 178 steps. Once you reach the top the views are spectacular. 360 degree views of the city and the ocean. It is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia, and has guided ships safely to port for 300 years. The lighthouse is still in use today, and its light shines 18 miles offshore. They are closed on Tuesdays.

1. Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski was completed in 1847, after 18 years of construction. The fort was built using 25 million bricks! The walls were 11 feet thick, and they believed the fort would be impenetrable. During the Civil War the South discovered this was not true when the Union was able to attack and accepted their surrender in less than 30 hours. Visit this fort to explore the history yourself with a guided or self-guided tour. In 1966 it was added to the list of National Register of Historical Places, and a museum was added during the 1980’s.

Besides the beautiful beaches and salt marshes, they are known for their delicious restaurants that serve freshly caught fish. There are also several great shops to pick up your favorite souvenirs. The cool breeze from the water makes this a delightful weekend destination. Pack your bags, and come and see all the spectacular tourist attractions in Tybee Island, Georgia.