Things To Do In Venice Beach

things to do in Venice Beach

This area of Los Angeles is filled with unique shops, beautiful beaches that are great for surfing, spectacular restaurants, and world-class music. There are many wonderful things to do in Venice Beach, California. The area has such a vibrant and remarkable culture, visitors here will be dreaming of returning as soon as they leave.

10. Go Surf LA

Go Surf LA is a company that teaches beginner and intermediate surf lessons as well as paddleboard lessons. Surf lessons are a fun and exciting way to get out into the ocean and really experience California. The surf and paddleboard lessons are a fun experience for older kids too. Lessons are 90 minutes long, and they guarantee you will be able to stand up by the end of the lesson, or they give you another lesson free. All the gear you will need is provided including a wetsuit. They are open seven days a week.

9. Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach is the famous outdoor weightlifting area in Venice. Large congregations of indoor gyms are located here too. The original Gold’s Gym is nearby where Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous bodybuilders trained during the 1970’s. The outdoor section of Muscle Beach always attracts a large crowd of spectators, so much so that the city built bleachers to accommodate them. The original outdoor workout space was in nearby Santa Monica and was mostly used by gymnasts during the 1930’s. During the 1950’s the original was closed down, and moved to this area and focused more on weightlifting.

8. Venice Beach Drum Circle

A drum circle is a fun event that the whole family will enjoy. Although this impromptu music session is not an officially sponsored event it happens every Saturday and Sunday; musicians and dancers gather on the sand from noon until sunset for an outdoor improves music session. This is a great place to meet friends and listen to some free music. Common instruments here are drums, congas, and shakers. Dancers add excitement and flair to the scene. Whether you want to participate of just enjoy the sounds people of all ages enjoy this high energy event.

7. Breakwater

This is the favorite surf spot for locals. Come out with the entire family to watch surfers flip and twist on the waves. The area got its name from the breakwater, or bulkhead, that was built in 1905 to protect the amusement pier. This manmade structure protects the beach and pier still today. Because of the breakwater protecting the area, most people consider the sand here to be the best for building extravagant sand castles. After all that hard work building your sand castle cool off in the bright blue water.

6. Venice Farmers Market

The local farmers market is a fun and interactive experience that began in 1987. Chat with the locals as you browse through their fresh product and artwork. The farmers market is a wonderful place to grab a locally made souvenir to remember your trip. The market is held every Friday morning from 7 to 11. Stop by to buy some fresh local fruit and vegetables for an afternoon picnic. Although this market is smaller when compared with others found in big cities, the vendors do a great job of covering all the basic necessities a market needs.

5. Fishing Pier

This large concrete pier is 1,310 feet long. It stretches far enough out into the ocean to guarantee successful fishing for all visitors. It has closed several times since its opening in 1964 due to storm damage. One of the unique features about this pier is the different level railing. There is a lower railing to cut your bait so that the top railing can be kept clean for leaning. The pier also has lower railing sections that are handicap accessible. The railing height variances are a great feature that makes the pier easily usable by everyone.

4. Venice Beach Recreation Center

The recreation center is a large outdoor area featuring many different sports. A center is an exciting place for friends to meet and engage in a friendly competition. This recreation center has several volleyball, tennis, and handball courts; however, the courts are not lit for nighttime games. Several play places for younger kids are available. The most well-known feature within the recreation area is the basketball courts. Several famous NBA players grew up using the basketball courts and were recruited while playing here. The courts were also the location for a movie in 1992 about the best street players across the country.

3. Abbot Kinney Boulevard

This boulevard is a lovely revitalized shopping district. It was named after the area’s founder. Abbot Kinney Boulevard is among the best places to visit in Venice Beach, California. The boulevard has cute eclectic boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. This is a haven for shopaholics from all around. The unique shops can keep you going for hours. There are places to find the best surf t-shirt to remember your trip or high fashion modern clothes or vintage outfits. In between the shops, visitors can step into several different art galleries, or grab a cool refreshing drink.

2. Venice Canal Historic District

In 1905 the founder, Abbot Kinney, built several canals trying to create an area similar to Venice, Italy. Originally there were six canals; however, as cars became more popular the majority of them were filled in to create roads for cars. During the 1990’s there was a large multimillion-dollar project to restore the remaining canals. The canals quickly became a desired residential location after their renovation. Some of the historic homes are still around, but there are also grand modern homes lining the beautiful canals. Now, the canals are a beautiful place to take a romantic stroll.

1. Venice Ocean Front Walk

The Ocean Front Walk is typically just referred to as the boardwalk by locals. This boardwalk is actually a concrete walking path. There are unique specialty shops and restaurants along one side and a plethora of street performers on the other side. Street performers include artists, palm and tarot card readers, musicians, magicians, and more. The area is filled with constant activity, so every visit here is different. You cannot miss a stroll down the two and a half mile Ocean Front Walk while visiting. It is among the best places to visit throughout Los Angeles.

This is a great weekend getaway while visiting Los Angeles. Step outside the hustle of city life, and visit this seaside resort town. Visitors can spend an afternoon learning to surf, sink their toes in the sand, wander through the shops, stroll along the canals, and much more. With all the tourist attractions in Venice Beach, California there is something here for everyone to enjoy.